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CCIE Data Center Bootcamp

CCIE Data Center Bootcamp

This CCIE Data Center Bootcamp offers students the opportunity to get hands-on implementation experience with cutting-edge real-world data center hardware platforms. Our exclusive live 10-day Bootcamp is specifically designed to provide you with the knowledge you need to hone your skills and help you pass your CCIE Data Center Lab Exam the first time! This is a two-week course: Implementing Nexus, followed by Unified Computing System.

The target audience for this course expands beyond CCIE Data Center candidates to include any network engineer who wants to learn how Cisco’s Nexus NX-OS and Unified Computing System work through live, hands-on configuration.

Week One :: Implementing Nexus

The first week focuses on the hands-on implementation of Nexus NX-OS switching. Rather than following along as the instructor demonstrates examples of NX-OS theory and implementation, students have hands-on access to NX-OS-based hardware to learn first-hand how to implement data center technologies. This portion of the class covers implementation of real-world data center technologies such as VDCs, classical Ethernet switching, vPC, FabricPath, OTV, and FCoE on Cisco Nexus NX-OS.

Implementing Nexus Outline

  • Classical Ethernet Switching
    • VLANs
    • Trunking
    • Port Channels
    • Rapid Spanning-Tree Protocol (STP)
    • Multiple Spanning-Tree Protocol (MST)
    • Private VLANs
    • Unidirectional Link Detection (UDLD)
    • Layer 2 Multicast Switching
  • Data Center Switching
    • Fabric Extension (FEX)
    • Virtual Port Channels (vPC)
    • FabricPath
    • Virtual Port Channels Plus (vPC+)
    • Overlay Transport Protocol (OTV)
  • Layer 3 Routing
    • EIGRP on NX-OS
    • OSPF on NX-OS
    • IS-IS on NX-OS
    • BGP on NX-OS
    • Multicast Routing on NX-OS
    • Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)
    • Layer 3 High Availability
    • First-Hop Redundancy Protocols (FHRP/GLBP/HSRP)
  • NX-OS Storage Networking
    • Fibre Channel Switching
    • SAN Port Channels
    • Zoning
    • NPV & NPIV
    • Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
  • NX-OS Management
    • Virtual Device Contexts (VDCs)
    • AAA
    • SNMPv3
    • NetFlow
    • Smart Call Home
    • NTP & PTP
    • Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager (DCNM)
  • NX-OS Security
    • Access Control Lists (ACL) for IP/MAC/VLAN
    • Port Security
    • DHCP Snooping and Dynamic ARP Inspection
    • IP Source Guard
    • Cisco TrustSec
  • NX-OS Quality of Service
    • Layer 2 QoS
    • Layer 3 QoS

Week Two :: Unified Computing System

The second week focuses on the hands-on implementation of Cisco Unified Computing. Students have hands-on access to Unified Computing System hardware to learn first-hand how to implement data center technologies. This portion of the class covers implementation of real-world data center technologies such as Cisco UCS 6200 Fabric Interconnects (FI), UCS B5108 Blade Server Chassis, UCS C Series Rack Mount Servers, MDS 9200 SAN Switches, Nexus 1000v Virtual Switch, and ACE 4710 Application Control Engine.

Unified Computing System Outline

  • UCS B-Series Components and Management
    • UCS B-Series Initialization
    • FI High Availability
    • UCSM Web/Java UI
    • UCS System Management Communications
    • Call Home, Policies and Profiles
    • Orgs and RBAC
    • Backup and Restore
    • Chassis and Blade Discovery
    • Management IP Address Pools
    • DNS Server Management
    • NTP Server and Time Management
  • UCS B-Series LAN Connectivity
    • Ethernet Switching Mode
    • Ethernet End Host Mode
    • LAN Uplink Configuration
    • MAC Address Aging
    • VLAN Creation and Trunking
    • Private VLANs
    • Uplink Port Channels
    • LAN Pin Groups
    • Disjointed Layer2 Networks
    • Global LAN QoS
    • FCoE and iSCSI QoS
    • LAN QoS Policies
    • FCoE QoS Policies
    • MAC Address Pools
    • LAN Policies for Network Control
    • LAN Policies for Flow Control
    • Monitoring LAN Connections and Exposing Hot Spots
    • vNIC Templates
    • Dynamic vNIC Provisioning
  • UCS B-Series SAN Connectivity
    • Fibre Channel Switching Mode
    • Fibre Channel End Host Mode
    • FC Uplink Configuration
    • VSANs
    • FCoE VLANs
    • Uplink Trunking Port Channels
    • SAN Pin Groups
    • WWNN/nWWN Pools
    • WWPN/pWWN Pools
    • iSCSI IP Pools
    • iSCSI IQNs
    • vHBA Templates
  • UCS B-Series Server Pool Provisioning
    • UUID Pool
    • Server Pool Creation
    • Server Pool Qualification
    • Server Pool Policies
  • UCS B-Series Service Profiles
    • BIOS Policies
    • Boot Policies
    • System Policies
    • Initial Template Service Profiles
    • Updating Template Service Profiles
    • Service Profile Instantiation
    • Manual Service Profile Creation
  • UCS B-Series OS Installation and Testing
    • ESXi OS Installation on Blade
    • Win2k8 Bare Metal OS Installation
    • Log In and Initialize Datastore
    • Provisioning VMware Standard vSwitch with UCS
    • Deploy Guest VMs and vCenter and Integrate ESXi Hosts
    • Test VMware vMotion
    • Test UCS Ethernet Fabric Failover
    • Test VMware FC Multipathing
  • Nexus 1000v on UCS
    • Deploy Nexus 1000v VSMs in L3 Mode
    • Install VEMs in ESXi Hosts
    • Port Profile Provisioning
    • Migrate Physical Adapters to N1Kv DVS
    • Migrate VM Guests to N1Kv DVS
    • Understanding Local Target Logic (LTL)
    • Virtual Port Channels in N1Kv – Host Mode (vPC-HM)
    • QoS in Nexus 1000v
    • IGMP in Nexus 1000v
    • SPAN in Nexus 1000v
    • ERSPAN in Nexus 1000v
    • Access Control Lists in Nexus 1000v
    • Private VLANs in Nexus 1000v
    • vTracker in Nexus 1000v
    • vPath 2.0 Overview
    • DHCP Snooping in Nexus 1000v
    • Dynamic ARP Inspection in Nexus 1000v
    • IP Source Guard in Nexus 1000v
    • Netflow in Nexus 1000v

CCIE Data Center 10-Day Bootcamp

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Our Bootcamp students share their stories...

“INE’s CCIE Data Center 10-Day Bootcamp allowed two full weeks of access to the gear, Mark Snow’s brain (probably the most valuable component) and some pretty solid workbooks. I have Data Center workbooks from other vendors. Frankly, INE’s labs provided more practical and applicable scenarios that applied to the lab, as well to real world installations. Thank you, Mark, from our entire class!”
Sean VanHandel/CCIE #44505
“In April 2013, I started to look for a Bootcamp and study group. I choose INE’s CCIE Data Center 10-Day Bootcamp. Never regretted that choice! The Bootcamp was led by Mark Snow. Excellent teacher! We spent two weeks learning the whole blueprint for the CCIE Data Center exam. Three months later, on June 26th, I cleared the exam in Brussels. Thank you to Mark Snow and all INE staff for organizing the Bootcamp. I learned a lot!”
Michel van Kessel/CCIE #44197

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