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CCIE Routing & Switching Troubleshooting Bootcamp

CCIE Routing & Switching Troubleshooting Bootcamp

The CCIE Routing & Switching Troubleshooting Bootcamp is a combination of lectures focused on a structured troubleshooting approach and advanced hands-on troubleshooting tickets. The Bootcamp is designed for students who want to solidify their troubleshooting skills, master a structured troubleshooting approach, and identify their weak areas. This is the only Bootcamp on the market targeted exclusively at the Troubleshooting section of the CCIE lab exam. Each student has his or her own dedicated rack of 28 ISR routers and 4 Catalyst switches for working through the tickets, offering a better understanding of what to expect in the real CCIE lab exam. The course also covers such topics as what to expect the day of your lab, how to prioritize tasks and manage your time, and Cisco’s grading methodology.

Topics Include

  • Troubleshooting Strategy
    • Time Management
    • Ticket Management
  • Bridging and Switching Troubleshooting
    • Trunking & Etherchannel
    • VTP and VLANs
    • STP, RSPT and MSTP
    • QinQ Tunneling
    • Private VLANs
    • SPAN and RSPAN
    • MTU Issues
    • Frame-Relay General
    • Frame-Relay Switching
    • PPP, PPPoFR and PPPoE
    • PPP Authentication
    • PPP Troubleshooting
  • IPv4 IGP Routing Troubleshooting
    • RIP General
    • RIP Timers Tuning
    • RIP Authentication
    • EIGRP General
    • EIGRP Unequal Cost Load Balancing (Variance)
    • EIGRP Authentication
    • RIP and EIGRP Discontinuos Network Issues
    • OSPF General
    • OSPF Authentication
    • OSPF Virtual-Links
    • IGP and BGP Route Redistribution
    • OER/PfR Troubleshooting
  • BGP Troubleshooting
    • BGP General
    • BGP Route Selection
    • BGP Route Manipluation
    • BGP Router Reflectors
  • MPLS VPN Troubleshooting
    • MPLS General
    • LDP
    • CEF
    • MPLS VPN General
    • MP-BGP VPNv4
    • Route Target Filtering
    • PE-CE Routing: OSPF and RIP
    • Inter-site connectivity
    • MPLS VPN Load Balancing
    • MPLS VPN Route Manipluation
  • IPv6 Troubleshooting
    • Addressing and Tunneling
    • OSPFv3
    • IPv6 ACLs and QoS
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Multicast Troubleshooting
    • Auto-RP and BSR
    • PIM and IGMP Access Control
    • RPF Failures
    • Tunneling Multicast Traffic
    • PIM over NBMA Networks
    • Interdomain Multicast (MSDP)
    • MP-BGP Multicast
  • QoS Troubleshooting
    • Control Plane Policing (CoPP)
    • MQC General
    • Layer 2 QoS (Catalyst 3560)
  • Security Troubleshooting
    • Access-Lists
    • VLAN Access-lists
    • Zone-Based Firewall
    • AAA
  • IP Services Troubleshooting
    • First Hop Redundancy Services: HSRP, GLBP, VRRP
    • IOS Features: Menus, HTTP server, DHCP etc
    • NAT
    • SLA and Object Tracking
    • Embedded Event Manager (EEM)
    • WCCP

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