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Catalyst 3560 and 3550 Comparison

Catalyst 3560 and 3550 Comparison

Catalyst 3560 Only Features [12.2(25)SEE2]

3560 Only Commands [12.2(25)SEE2]

3550 Only Commands [12.2(25)SEE2]

Additional Notes

3560 - IPv6 routing is not documented in the 3560 command reference.
3560 - IPv6 QoS not supported as of 12.2(25)SEE2.
3560 - The SDM needs to be changed to support IPv6 routing.  This will require a reload to take effect.  More…
3560 - Support for bits per second when using Storm Control.
3560 - Ports are set by default to dynamic auto as opposed to dynamic desireable.  This means that two 3560s will not automatically trunk but a 3560 will trunk if connected to a 3550. More…
3560 - The SMI image is now called IP Base and the EMI image is now called IP Services.
3550 - IPv6 can be bridged using fallback bridging.

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