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CCIE Service Provider Bundle

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The CCIE Service Provider Bundle includes everything you need to get started preparing for your CCIE Service Provider exams. The Service Provider Advanced Technologies and Lab Preparation video courses are taught by Brian McGahan (CCIEx4 #8593, CCDE #2013::13), and consists of 48+ hours of in-depth explanations and examples, with instructor-led demonstration of real-world scenarios.

Cisco’s CCIE Service Provider v4 Blueprint goes live May 22nd 2015. Our Advanced Technologies v4 course is now available, and we’ll be updating the rest of our product line to support it! This bundle includes free upgrades to v4.0 products as they are released.

Learn more about CCIE Service Provider v4 here.

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CCIE Service Provider Advanced Technologies v4 Video Course

This video course download provides a comprehensive look at the advanced technologies covered in the CCIE Service Provider v4 blueprint. The CCIE Service Provider Advanced Technologies video course follows a hands-on lecture approach designed to take students to a CCIE level of understanding and beyond. The class format is easy to follow, incorporating technology lectures and hands-on configuration, verification, and troubleshooting examples, which include both regular IOS and IOS XR.

This course is taught by Brian McGahan, CCIEx4 #8593 (Routing & Switching, Data Center, Security, Service Provider), CCDE #2013::13 (Design).

At 23+ hours, the course covers the newest CCIE Service Provider v4 blueprint, including the addition of IOS XR hardware. Class topics include Catalyst ME3400 switching, IS-IS, OSPF, BGP, MPLS Layer 3 VPNs (L3VPN), Inter-AS MPLS L3VPNs, IPv6 over MPLS with 6PE and 6VPE, AToM and VPLS based MPLS Layer 2 VPNs (L2VPN), MPLS Traffic Engineering, and more. Understanding the topics covered in this class will ensure that students are ready to take the next step in their CCIE preparation—applying the technologies themselves with INE’s CCIE Service Provider Workbook—and then take and pass the CCIE Service Provider Lab Exam.

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CCIE Service Provider Lab Preparation Video Course

The CCIE Service Provider Lab Preparation video course download features over 17 hours of quality video instruction. It is part lecture, part hands-on demonstration, and focuses both on developing a structured approach to CCIE lab strategy and advanced hands-on scenarios covered in the CCIE Service Provider v3.0 blueprint. This course will help candidates who are nearing their CCIE lab dates to refine and consolidate their technical knowledge into an organized and effective strategy for passing their lab exams. The goal of this class is for students to finish fully prepared to take and pass their CCIE Service Provider Lab Exam.
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CCIE Service Provider v3.0 Lab Workbook

The CCIE Service Provider Workbook v3.0 is an online interactive compilation of more than 60 technology-focused labs and 4 full-scale labs to help you prepare for Cisco’s CCIE Service Provider Lab Exam. The workbook topology is based on INE’s CCIE Service Provider v3.0 rack rentals, and also includes a GNS3/Dynamips .net file that is compatible with the topology.

The workbook is divided into two main sections, Advanced Technology Labs and Full-Scale Labs, and is up to date with the latest v3 Cisco blueprint. The Advanced Technology Labs are your companion to the CCIE Service Provider Advanced Technologies video course download. They consist of hands-on, individually focused, advanced technology labs that present topics with an easy-to-follow, goal-oriented, step-by-step approach. With a clear understanding of these fundamental technologies, you will be able to predict advanced and sometimes subtle interactions when configuring multiple technologies together. The Full-Scale Labs consist of 8-hour lab scenarios that simulate the actual CCIE Service Provider Lab Exam and illustrate the principles behind the its covered technologies.

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