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CCIE Service Provider Workbook

CCIE Service Provider Online Lab Workbook v3

CCIE Service Provider Workbook v3.0 is an online interactive compilation of more than 60 technology-focused labs and 4 full-scale labs to help you prepare for Cisco’s CCIE Service Provider Lab Exam. The workbook topology is based on INE’s CCIE Service Provider v3.0 rack rentals, and also includes a GNS3/Dynamips .net file that is compatible with the topology.

The workbook is divided into two main sections, Advanced Technology Labs and Full-Scale Labs, and is up to date with the latest v3 Cisco blueprint. The Advanced Technology Labs are your companion to the CCIE Service Provider Advanced Technologies video course download. They consist of hands-on, individually focused, advanced technology labs that present topics in an easy-to-follow, goal-oriented, step-by-step approach. With a clear understanding of these fundamental technologies, you will be able to predict advanced and sometimes subtle interactions when configuring multiple technologies together. The Full-Scale Labs consist of 8-hour lab scenarios that simulate the actual CCIE Service Provider Lab Exam and illustrate the principles behind the technologies that it covers.

The recommended approach for using this workbook is as follows:

  • Watch the CCIE Service Provider Advanced Technologies videos.
  • Follow the recommended readings from class, including the Cisco documentation.
  • Configure the associated Advanced Technology Labs.
  • Revisit the videos and readings for further clarification.
  • Configure the Full-Scale Labs.
  • Take and pass the CCIE SPv3 Lab Exam!

The physical topology for INE’s CCIE Service Provider Workbook v3 uses 10 routers and 2 switches, which include a mix of 7200s, 2600s, XR 12000s, Catalyst ME3400s, and Catalyst 3550s. This topology has the flexibility to mimic the requirements of Cisco’s actual CCIE Service Provider v3.0 hardware blueprint, while minimizing the cost for users building their own lab at home or work and allowing users to run the regular IOS portion of the topology in GNS3/Dynamips.

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  • Bridging & Switching
    • Catalyst ME 3400 Port Types
    • Catalyst ME 3400 UNI VLANS
    • Catalyst ME 3400 Private VLANS
  • IGP
    • OSPFv2
    • OSPFv2 Network Types
    • OSPFv2 Path Selection
    • OSPFv2 BFD
    • OSPFv2 Authentication
    • OSPFv3
    • OSPFv3 Network Types
    • OSPFv3 Path Selection
    • OSPFv3 BFD
    • OSPFv3 Encryption & Authentication
    • Single Level IS-IS
    • IS-IS Network Types
    • IS-IS Path Selection
    • IS-IS BFD
    • IS-IS Authentication
    • Multi Level IS-IS
    • IS-IS Route Leaking
    • Single Topology IS-IS
    • Multi Topology IS-IS
  • MPLS
    • Basic LDP
    • LDP OSPF Autoconfig
    • LDP IS-IS Autoconfig
    • LDP Authentication
    • LDP Label Allocation Filtering
    • LDP IGP Synchronization
    • LDP Session Protection
    • LDP TTL Propagation
  • VPN
    • Basic MPLS Tunnels
    • MPLS L3 VPN with Static Routing
    • MPLS L3 VPN with RIPv2
    • MPLS L3 VPN with EIGRP
    • MPLS L3 VPN with OSPF
    • MPLS L3 VPN with BGP
    • MPLS L3 VPN with Policy Routing
    • Central Services MPLS L3 VPN
    • MPLS L3 VPN VPNv4 Route Reflection
    • MPLS L3 VPN VPNv4 Route Reflection w/ IOS XR
    • MPLS L3 VPN and OSPF Sham-Links
    • MPLS L3 VPN and OSPF Domain-ID
    • Multi-VRF CE (VRF Lite)
    • MPLS L3VPN Inter-AS Option A – Back-to-Back VRF Exchange
    • MPLS L3VPN Inter-AS Option B – VPNv4 EBGP Exchange
    • MPLS L3VPN Inter-AS Option C – Multihop VPNv4 EBGP Exchange
    • MPLS L3VPN Inter-AS Option C w/ iBGP + Label
    • Carrier Supporting Carrier
    • 6PE
    • 6VPE
    • MPLS L2 VPN with AToM – Ethernet to Ethernet
    • MPLS L2 VPN with AToM – PPP to PPP
    • MPLS L2 VPN with AToM – Frame Relay to Frame Relay
    • MPLS L2 VPN with AToM – Ethernet to Frame Relay Interworking
    • VPLS
    • MPLS Traffic Engineering with OSPF
    • MPLS Traffic Engineering with IS-IS
    • MPLS TE Explicit Paths
    • MPLS TE Bandwidth Reservations
    • MPLS TE Metric Manipulation
    • MPLS TE with Static Routing
    • MPLS TE with Targeted LDP Adjacencies
    • MPLS TE Fast Reroute
    • Inter-Area MPLS TE with OSPF
    • Inter-Area MPLS TE with IS-IS
    • Inter-AS MPLS TE
  • Services
    • Multicast VPNs
  • Full Scale Lab 1
  • Full Scale Lab 2
  • Full Scale Lab 3
  • Full Scale Lab 4
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