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Intermediate Technologies Courses

Intermediate Routing & Switching - CCNP Level Training

Intermediate EIGRP

Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) is an interior gateway protocol that allows a router to share information it knows about the network with neighboring routers within an autonomous system, and is optimized to reduce router workload and the volume of transmitted data. This video contains more than 5 hours of in-depth discussion and examples, covering EIGRP authentication, neighborship, EIGRP stub, unequal cost load sharing, topology table, metric tuning, convergence, route filtering, summarization, default routing, and more.



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  • EIGRP Neighbors
  • EIGRP Hello/Dead Intervals
  • EIGRP Authentication :: Part 1
  • EIGRP Authentication :: Part 2
  • EIGRP Passive Interfaces and K-Values
  • EIGRP Static Neighbors and Router-IDs
  • EIGRP over WANs
  • EIGRP Topology Table, Messages, and Process
  • EIGRP Topology Exchange over WANs
  • EIGRP FD and RD
  • EIGRP Metric Tuning :: Part 1
  • EIGRP Metric Tuning :: Part 2
  • Sample – EIGRP Convergence :: Part 1
  • EIGRP Convergence :: Part 2
  • EIGRP Convergence :: Part 3
  • EIGRP Variance
  • EIGRP Route Filtering w ACLs
  • Prefix-List Logic
  • EIGRP Route Filtering w Prefix-Lists
  • Route-map Logic
  • EIGRP Route Filtering w Route-maps
  • EIGRP Summarization
  • EIGRP Default Routing
  • EIGRP Path Manipulation

Intermediate OSPF

The Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) protocol is perhaps the most widely used interior gateway protocol (IGP) in large enterprise networks. OSPF is a link-state routing protocol that calls for the sending of link-state advertisements (LSAs) to all other routers within the same hierarchical area. This video course offers 6+ hours of thorough, detailed discussion and examples of the technology, covering authentication, neighbor relationships, network types, area types, metric calculation, metric tuning, route filtering, summarization, virtual links, and more.



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  • OSPF Neighbor Discovery, Hellos, and Intervals
  • OSPF Router-ID and MTU Issues
  • OSPF Authentication :: part 1
  • OSPF Authentication :: part 2
  • OSPF Network Types Overview
  • OSPF Neighbors over MPLS VPN & Metro Ethernet
  • OSPF Link State Database
  • OSPF Type 1 Router LSA
  • OSPF Type 2 Network LSA
  • OSPF Type 3 Summary LSA
  • OSPF Database Exchange, Messaging, and Neighbor States
  • OSPF Database Exchange & Periodic Flooding
  • OSPF Metric Calculation
  • OSPF Metric Tuning
  • OSPF Route filtering
  • OSPF Route filtering into the routing table
  • OSPF Route summarization
  • OSPF Default routing, introduction to stub areas
  • OSPF Stub areas – part 1
  • OSPF Stub areas – part 2
  • OSPF Introduction to virtual links
  • OSPF Configuring virtual links with & without authentication
  • OSPF issues over Frame Relay
  • OSPF network types – part 1
  • OSPF network types – part 2
  • OSPF path manipulation

Intermediate BGP

The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is a standardized exterior gateway protocol designed to exchange routing and reachability information between autonomous systems (AS) on the Internet and is the exterior gateway protocol used by Internet service providers. This 4-hour video course takes a detailed look at eBGP and iBGP neighborships, neighbor states, messages types, the BGP table, routing concepts, next-hop reachability issues, filtering, path manipulation, and more.



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  • eBGP & iBGP neighbor overview
  • eBGP neighborship requirements
  • BGP update sourse & eBGP multihop
  • iBGP neighborship requirements
  • BGP neighbor states
  • BGP message types & BGP table
  • BGP AS_PATH attribute
  • BGP route injection
  • Outbound routing concepts with BGP
  • Examining the Next-Hop issue
  • iBGP full mesh & synchronization
  • BGP filtering :: Part 1
  • BGP filtering :: Part 2
  • Overview of BGP path attributes
  • Path attribute manipulation :: Part 1
  • Path attribute manipulation :: Part 2
  • BGP Multipath

Intermediate Technologies Bundle

The Intermediate Technologies video series is targeted training designed to help you drill down into specific Routing & Switching technologies at a professional level. This series is developed by INE’s world-class instructors and uses our proven video training approach. These courses are viewable on your computer or any MP4-compatible mobile device.

This series provides in-depth coverage of the EIGRP, OSPF, and BGP routing protocols.



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