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Networking Fundamentals

Network Communication :: Level 1

The Networking Fundamentals series is the ultimate introductory-level solution for engineers who are just beginning their path to a career in network administration. Developed by our world-class instructors, this series uses INE's effective video training approach. This unique method of delivery helps you learn how advanced networking technologies work in real-world design scenarios and demonstrates real examples of network communications taking place.

The Network Communication Level 1 video course download covers the preliminary essentials that a network engineer must know to survive and excel in this rapidly growing industry. Specifically, the course covers the basics of physical layer connectivity, network topologies, and general networking concepts including the OSI model, subnetting, and a complete overview of how networking works.

Network Communication :: Level 1

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Defining Your Path

Defining Your Path


Network Communication :: Level 1 Outline

Networking Fundamentals :: Network Communication :: Level 1 :: Runtime 10 hours 14 minutes

  • Course Introduction
  • Defining Your Path
  • Networking Basics
  • Introduction to Networking Protocols
  • LAN Technology
  • Ethernet Protocols and Layer 2 Communication
  • IP Protocols and Layer 3 Communication
  • Binary Math
  • Address Classes
  • Public and Private Addressing
  • Determining the Number Of Hosts In An Address Space and Understanding
    • Network and Broadcast Addresses
  • Address Exhaustion and Subnet Masking
  • DHCP
  • DNS
  • ARP
  • Introduction to Transport Layer Communications - TCP and UDP
  • Introduction to Common Networking Applications - TFTP - FTP—Telnet
  • Bringing It All Together - How Networking Happens

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